Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Photo Valentines

Photo Valentines are so fun to make! They are a little more personal, and you can send them with treats or other fun things. Some of these work well with any candy, or small item. 

I love the Pucker Up cards - just use any sour candy.

Or drink mix...

Send along some Hersey Kisses with something like this:

This one works well with suckers or anything skinny - like Pixy Stix, or glow sticks, etc.

Any picture would work well with this caption, along with some Airheads.

This one is great because you could put anything on the card, edible or not. It's really versatile. 

This one would be cute sent with a cookie or cupcake with heart sprinkles. 

These could be sent with fake mustaches, stickers, or anything really.